Jesus’ Beloved Disciple

Jesus’ Beloved Disciple backed by two decades research, features a startingly new account of four years that ended an epoch of peoples of shared ancestries, through eyes and thoughts of two primary witnesses:  Mary of Magdala/the “Magdalene”–a middle-aged woman of, although unimpeachable reputation, maligned two millennia; and Chief Priest Emeritus, Annas/Hananiah:  ‘retired’ by Rome, he faces the last, the hardest decision of all.

“You may have thought you knew the time of Jesus, but you will see it in a wholly different light,” was among reactions to the paperback first edition, published under the title Beloved Disciple, Daughter of Logos:  “Why has no one done this before? “— Roger Hammer, Place in the Woods Publishing; “As challenging and thought-provoking as it sounds”— David Templeton, Sonoma County Independent; “Dialogues beyond belief!” — Ann B. Dick. See also: Davis Enterprise newspaper article review. Link to article

NOTA BENE, author’s apology:  Attention, prospective purchasers of digital JBD:  a small omission was caused by failure of a bit of specific text converting Word-to-Kindle format.  The story line is not affected by the slight omission; however, the missing text happens to relate to an interesting bit of related history—here offered to visitors who may buy a copy of the book.

Specifically, four Greek letters were omitted twice following e-book paragraph location 1219.  The four letters together have existed counterparts in Hebrew and Aramaic, and reportedly occur in The Old Testament 6,000 times.  Academically the letter ‘symbol’ is tetragrammaton, and originally occurred in JBD when Chief Priest Annas/Hananiah is lamenting the Temple’s hopeless political state of affairs; and, his stream of consciousness ends in what redounds to:  “Oh god…  Oh, God….”   But in the original–Instead of “God”–the tetragrammaton followed each “Oh….”  Based on his history, It was reasoned most appropriate naturally for the Chief Priest’s ultimate thought, as follows.

One of the Temple-governed, theocracy’s oldest primary laws decreed It recognized one ‘supreme’ /’spirit’ ruler, which One-God neither had name nor in any case was to be given.  There was, however, a ‘word’ [i.e. letters put together] that denoted human conscious experience of such pure concept of God, captured by the four-‘symbols’/letters of “Tet.”  (Find if you like, lots more anecdotal stuff about that and ancient meanings of other words,  in freely downloadable History of the Daughters–Appendix 4D, “Some Terms of Interest,” pages 890—91.)

You may have thought you knew the life of Jesus, but you will see it in a whole different light after reading Jesus’ Beloved Disciple.

The book owes its’ happy existence beyond its’ writer: to Nan Perrot, who produced the paperback’s perfectly-formatted text; K. C. Kelly for the artistic cover; and Robert Greenebaum, printing company agent.

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Jesus’ Beloved Disciple
by Tosca Lenci

Jesus' Beloved Disciple

Addendum One, Possible Additions for a Third Edition.

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