For All of Us

flags1Not one of US, unless American Indian, isn’t either descended from an immigrant (which includes ‘colonialists’!) or, a first-generation immigrant native born or legally naturalized.   What has been constituted as The United States of America–what we have–has been and is a union of all the literatures, labors, art, music, foods, and family cultures of us all.

The flag depicted here is flying free above this author’s modest home property.  Besides its’ owner’s cultural heritage, this flag embodies living contributions to the halcyonic agricultural and tourist area it encompasses, while embracing incontrovertible belief in the basic principle upon which our material nation is founded–that all human beings are created equal….

It’s not easy being Us, because of what we have been caused to learn:  that there is a continuous enlightening progression in the histories of Humankind’s civilizations on this globe.  ‘Empire’ through ‘empire’–ascent through descent; dynastically monarchical to republic–Time has wrought that We know what truly it is, to belong to one human family—not simply to a material piece of the globe; to fundamental moral and ethical principles of human conduct, and beliefs established and followed upon a piece of it.

flags2We hear much lip service given to our being at an historical moment in Time; but do we understand, clearly, that We are at the precipice of our own mutual ongoing history?  Not only can we envision many other flags joined with the Stars and Stripes, to display local bearers’ honor in their joining of beliefs in the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” under a government for and by its people:  individuals emanating from around Earth for whom citizenship wears no ethniticies.  As part of the greatest unification of states and peoples, We further dream not only of multiple such flags, but of yet another—one that shows all parts of Earth from which our Union has drawn and continues to draw.  (It, however, would need to be a size accommodatable only by our national Capitol’s dome!)