Things One Likes Remembering

Words are the daughters of Earth, wrote Samuel Johnson.[1] This I, on the other hand, seems to be a daughter of words….

Words!…parents of Mind–equal to saying, progenitors of my very being; for it is within Mind that this I has known and manifested Life: Thoughts in Words through Consciousness to Body and back. Do not all other of Nature’s animals, by their lesser conscious ‘reasoning,’ prove?–that to Reason did Humankind ascend from amoebic creation, to abide at top of Earth’s Animal Kingdom?.

Words and their linguistic lexicons–the foundation of any civilization– reflecting its’ conditions and understandings dependent upon peoples’ mutuality of definitions in their communication of Reason. By example, here is strict translation of the beginning of the Christian New Testament Book of John:

“In The Beginning was The Logos [Reason], and The Logos [Reason] was toward godness, and The Logos [Reason] was a god.”

Word-filled books from girlhood on; so long as I felt one between arm and ribs Self was grounded. No matter what a next moment sadly might bring to mind, escape was at hand. It’s the same now, nearly 83 years into this thing called human existence, as thoughts force words that have plagued Humankind’s unending battle with realities of aging antecedent to dying.

[1] American preacher, 1822-1882. Read more…

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