Fuel for the Mind!

Mind…the Final Frontier…. These are voyages of the Mothership Psyche. Her ongoing mission: to explore old meanings of civilization and society, going boldly where all Thought has been captive before.

  • New perspectives on Woman’s role in ancient biblical events
  • A new look at sex and love
  • A new view of quantum physics and the cosmos as a closed system
  • Whether you think differently depending on if you are a man or a woman
  • A new view of classical psychology from the feminine standpoint
  • Revelations from the world of dreams

Like the six books shown on this page, all works at drop-down links–Stories/Play, Poetry, Travelogues, and More Books– can be downloaded free. (Included are a Spanish version of the play and two illustrated children’s books.)

Delilah-sale a novel

Genesis III

Journey with JC